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Beth and Amanda were a great deal of help in sorting out furniture to keep and what to take with me. They had the answers to my questions and a great guide along the way to ground that I had not covered in years. They furnished a "push" along the way when I needed it. Thanks to their assistance with moving and tugging, I think we did a great job. Thanks and many thanks to them. Verified by RateMyAgent
Beth Shields
Beth was awesome she’s very patient showing the house after house until I found the perfect one I love my new home so much and I owe it all to Beth and AmandaVerified by RateMyAgent
Chris Flores
ALWAYS hire a realtor, I can only hope they will be as good as Amanda. Listen, there’s tons of things out there that want you to find a way to sell your home on low commission or no commission. It’s very enticing if you don’t know the ins and outs of selling homes like I don’t. However, situations beyond your imagination easily occur when selling a home. Imagine you’re a roof is fine, but insurance just gives a year instead of 3 to 5 that the insurance needs to make your rate manageable. So what do you do? Negotiate the roof in the sale of the home. Then you have roofers do it during a rain storm causing one of your ceilings to be collapsed and then to have standing water in your kitchen. Let me ask you, do you want someone with little to no commission having your back in a situation like this? This is just one of an incredible list of items that could go wrong that you have no preconceived notion of when you are trying to sell. Countless hours of meeting inspectors, writing emails, researching how to think outside of the box… all these things ARE the wheelhouse of the Walker team. You would think two months of negotiations in a downturn of the market would cause the sale of my home to go down but my asking price never changed and the 2 1/2 months it went pending. There is absolutely no one else that I would even consider speaking with in the purchase or sale of a home. Unfortunately the only way that you will learn is choosing the wrong person. Don’t let that be you. Thank you Amanda and Beth Walker. Verified by RateMyAgent
Chris Byers


A certified probate real estate specialist, or CPRES, is a real estate professional who has completed an educational certification program centered around the probate process.