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Making a GREAT first impression

In today’s age of consumerism, every buyer is comparative shopping.  Make a small investment in time, money and effort in your home will give you a solid advantage over competing properties.  Pay attention to detail now because first impressions count with buyers and you have one chance and it starts with curb appeal. Exterior Appearance:…Read More→

Meeting Your Needs As A Buyer

This brief questionnaire will help us match your needs and wants with an agent that specializes in what you are looking for. What Location are you interested in? What style of Home do you prefer? How many Bedrooms / Baths would you like? Are you interested in a Home, Condo, New Construction, or Vacant Land?…Read More→

Questions to Ask Me

Here’s a list of starter questions you may have: Where do you think the buyer for my home will be coming from?  Will it be a Move up Buyer (Upgrade), or a Renter (First Time Home Buyer)? How will you market to this particular buyer?  What proactive steps will you perform to reach this specific…Read More→

What Does It Cost To Sell Your Home

WHAT COSTS ARE RELATED TO THE SALE: Mortgage Pay Off:  Before the closing, you will sign a release for the Title Company or Attorney to get the amount that will be owed at the day of closing.  This will allow the Closing Company to prepare the closing documents and they will issue a check out…Read More→

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